Episode 5: Rough Diamonds

Have you ever wondered what goes into the estimation, planning and decision-making process of buying rough diamonds? In this episode you’ll come to know, how Mahak Gandhi and her family have been buying, polishing and estimating rough diamonds for a few generations. Also, how Ilana Brandwain had the chance to be on the ground in Sierra Leone to look at rough diamonds and learn from her brother and the locals.

Episode 4: Diamond polishing

Morgane Willems a 5th generation female Belgian diamond Polisher tells us all about how she came into the business and diamond polishing. If you have ever wondered what it takes to cut a rough diamond into a beautiful sparkly polished stone this is where you can learn all about it.

Our Top 5 Summer Must-Haves

Whether it’s Ibiza or Italy, I can’t take my entire jewellery collection with me, so I have managed to choose the top five Noble Fine Jewellery pieces that will sparkle on the beach and the bar.

Ilana’s Journey

Ilana’s Journey An engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of love, marriage and commitment.   For me, it is also the journey that you take as a couple when you are choosing a ring that is where the most intimate stories and interesting paths begin. It’s not just a ring. It’s a symbol of who […]

Groom’s Guide to Choosing a Wedding Band

A Groom’s Guide to Choose a Wedding Band While the majority of grooms today are choosing to wear a wedding band, this is a relatively new trend that only really began during World War II when soldiers (especially those fighting overseas) chose to wear them as a reminder of their wives and families at home. […]

Natural Diamond vs Lab Grown Diamond

Natural Diamonds vs Lab Grown Diamonds There has been much discussion and debate in Antwerp in the past, regarding the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warnings that have been sent to lab grown diamond companies in America. Letters have gone to eight companies – including the Leonardo DiCaprio-backed, Diamond Foundry – stating the clear messaging they […]

Find Love Online

Find Love Online It’s amazing how the world has moved and changed so much – even in just the past six years, since I launched Noble Fine Jewellery, the way that we interact with our clients and sell our pieces has become so different. Gone are the days when you would need walk into a […]

4 Lessons Learned

4 Lessons Learned As a diamond jeweller and having married into family of diamond experts (my husband is a third-generation diamond trader), it comes as no surprise that I am always on a path to keep learning and challenging myself within the diamond world. 1. The Mining Process My first lesson came many years ago […]

Colour Your Life (And Your Diamonds!)

Colour Your Life (And Your Diamonds) It comes as no surprise that as I’m surrounded by a rainbow of sunshine and colour, I am getting more clients choosing coloured diamonds so they can keep that feeling of summer with them every day of the year. But which ones should you consider and how do should […]