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Colour Your Life (And Your Diamonds)

It comes as no surprise that as I’m surrounded by a rainbow of sunshine and colour, I am getting more clients choosing coloured diamonds so they can keep that feeling of summer with them every day of the year. But which ones should you consider and how do should you wear them best?

Here is my guide to coloured diamonds and the best investment in terms of price and finish. Which diamond color should you choose?

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds

For the most intense yellow color, the Zimmi Diamond is in a league of its own (so much so it has its own colour rating of Zimmi when compared to a Yellow or Canary diamond). Hand-mined from Sierra Leone and Liberia, the colour is unique to the area which is reflected in its price. Canary and Champagne Diamonds are also lovely for a more gentle hue.

Blue Diamonds

The most famous diamond in the world, The Hope Diamond is a natural blue diamond, which due to their rarity, have become incredibly valuable and sought-after. Mined in Australia and South Africa, there is normally a competition between the Blue and Pink Diamond for which one is the most expensive coloured diamond, however The Zoe Diamond sold in 2014 for $32.5million and is keeping them on top.

Blue Diamonds
Pink Diamond

Pink Diamonds

Almost 80% of Pink Diamonds are mined in the Argyle mine in Australia and due to their unique colour – which gemologists believe came from the intense pressure during formation – they are a great investment and still hugely popular since Ben Affleck set the trend when he proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a 6.1 carat pink diamond engagement ring.

Red Diamonds

A Red Diamond is the rarest and therefore most expensive diamond in the world. Known for their small sizes – most are less than 1 carat and the largest is only 5.11 carats – however, their price is 300-400% higher per carat then the pink or blue diamonds. Due to the intense colour, they are not as obvious as a traditional diamond, which is why the third-largest red diamond in the world – the DeYoung Red Diamond – was bought at an estate sale where it was sold as a garnet hat pin!

Red Diamond