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It’s amazing how the world has moved and changed so much – even in just the past six years, since I launched Noble Fine Jewellery, the way that we interact with our clients and sell our pieces has become so different.

Gone are the days when you would need walk into a shop to buy a piece of diamond jewellery or be presented with a velvet-lined briefcase (along with a towering security guard!), today you can simply click on an Instagram link and be the proud owner of a piece from our Nobel Collection.

But whilst it’s amazing how technology and social media have bought the world so much closer and smaller, it is important to remember that any online relationship needs to be nurtured and supported just as much as one happening over a coffee or a store counter – trust is so important in any relationship, especially when one is being formed over an Instagram DM or What’s App chat.

Having fallen in friendship online a few times, we wanted to share our advice on how to manage an online relationship with your jeweller – the dos and don’ts. In today’s world of e-commerce, there are so many ways you can be amazed as well as let down, which is why you need to remember the following…

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Choose a reliable and trusted jeweller

Find out more about your jeweller outside of their own website or social accounts to ensure they are who they say they are. Look for other client feedback as well as their industry connections. 

Check their certifications

This essential for any diamond transaction. Noble Fine Jewellery has GIA Reports and IGI certifications.

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Don't rush your relationship

Remember that you don’t have to rush the relationship. There is no pressure on you to make a final decision just because you have sent an enquiry, so when you get chatting, see if the two of you click. 

I ended up talking to one client more than my own husband for at least a few weeks before they decided to place an order, so it’s important that you both get along.

Ask the right questions

Make sure your jeweller can assure you of the following from the very start – certifications, returns policy, production process, payment process.

If there is any confusion, then it may be best to keep asking or looking…

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Keep in touch

Establish how you would like to keep in touch. With most of our clients, we update them at every stage of the process via live chats through What’s App, Skype and Facetime. From the polishing of the stone to the setting taking place, our clients can see what’s happening live if they wish, or we send them the videos afterwards (especially with our American clients due to the time difference).

trust factor

Noble Fine Jewellery have been lucky enough to develop several online relationships with our clients from all over the world, including Africa, America and the rest of Europe. We are so thrilled and proud that what started as a quick Instagram enquiry with most of our ‘social’ clients has now become a fully-fledged friendship outside of the diamond world – but the process understandably takes time as you both get to know each other and establish that all-important trust in each other.

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Falling in love online

Falling in love online may seem a little daunting – especially when it is for something as important as an engagement ring or wedding band, but be assured it does work and can be really beneficial on your budget.

A little like any relationship you make online, you will find the right jewellery out there. They’re waiting for you!