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Help, I Don't Like my Engagement Ring!

What happens if she doesn’t like your engagement ring? Here’s our guide sending something back.

While there is a pretty strong guarantee that she’ll say yes to your proposal (you wouldn’t be asking otherwise!), she may not necessarily say yes to the engagement ring you’ve chosen, which is why there need to be guarantees when it comes to what happens next.

Thankfully, all our Noble Fine Jewellery grooms have swept their brides away with our stunning engagement ring designs, but it is still important for both sides to be clear on what happens should she not like the design and this is where the small print and a detailed returns policy is so essential when you are working with a bespoke design or a jeweller that is online or overseas. 

Over the past six years since I launched Noble Fine Jewellery, I have learnt all the lessons you need to know when it comes to small prints and discovering unexpected customs taxes and insurance policies!

So, here is our guide to sending something back.

Engagement Ring

1. Make sure you check the returns policy!

Every jeweller should have a detailed returns policy on their website or you should have received and agreed them before any works or payments are made. Always remember to keep copies of all receipts and the original packaging.

2. Are you returning a piece or amending it?​

Most of the time, an engagement ring may need to come back to our workshop for minor sizing adjustments after the jewel has been worn – this is especially true when the groom has misjudged his bride’s ring size! A majority of these requests may be included in the original price of the ring, however you must confirm this with your jeweller before giving your payment. For example, adjusting a simple plain band should not incur cost, however a fully diamond pave band may require extra stones and need to be set again – it really depends on the design of the ring and the amends being requested.  

Engagement Ring

3. Check who is paying for shipping and insurance? ​

If you need to get the ring back to the jeweller either for works or as a return, clarify who is responsible for the shipping costs (you can find our policy here) and make sure you have insured the item as it is now officially yours once you have received it. 

i don't like my engagement ring

4. Check your warranty period!

Noble Fine Jewellery has a 90- day warranty period that begins from the moment our client receives their piece. It gives our clients a time period where they can send back items for repair that may be suffering from manufacturing defects. As we triple check every piece that is sent out, this rarely happens and we do not accept normal wear and tear, improper care or misuse. If there is a fault in manufacturing, in this instance we will of course work with the clients on an individual basis to make things good.

5. What if I want to make some changes?​

You have up to 30 days from receipt of your piece to let us know that it is not what you were expecting or you might want a few changes made. As we have such a personal relationship with each of our clients, every return or change is dealt with on a one-to-one basis and costed accordingly should they want to upgrade their stones or change the metal. Most of our clients have seen their pieces while they are in production via videos and live chats so they know exactly what they will be receiving, but should they still want changes then we would work together on building a price for the work that needs to be done.

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6. What Is The Policy For 
Custom-Made Jewellery?

If we have made piece of jewellery that has been completely custom-made, the client is unable to cancel the purchase or return or exchange the piece in accordance with Belgian Law. Unlike with an engagement ring where the stones and metals can be redesigned, some of our bespoke jewellery pieces are so unique and detailed, it would be impossible to break it up and reuse. Sale items are also not eligible for return.

i don t like my engagement ring

7. Keep Calm and Keep Talking!

It can be upsetting when you don’t receive the piece you were imagining, but it is worth remembering that every quality jeweller wants to do the best for their client and will be just as disappointed as you are. With any returns or exchanges, it will be important to make sure you outline exactly what you want and be patient as your jeweller will need to get their team together to work on your changes (or even start again) and this may take between 4-12 weeks.

These are just a few simple ways to make sure you have all the information you need, but the most important advice of all is to make sure you have checked all the small print and have confirmed everything with your jeweller before you make any payments or confirm any works. We also recommend constant communication and ensuring you’re involved in every step of the design and manufacturing process so there are no shocks at the end of it all.

All of us at Noble Fine Jewellery pride ourselves on having personal relationship with every one of our clients and ensure we are clear and upfront at the start of the process before any payments are taken or work begun – it’s vital to make sure you are always communicating and have a trust in each other that will ensure the best result.