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Nadia Asher lives in the UK and has been a client of Noble Fine Jewellery’s for over seven years. She designed her engagement ring with Ilana six years ago and has since collected several bespoke pieces of jewellery. We asked her what she enjoys most about working with Ilana and Noble Fine Jewellery and why it is so different to other jewellery houses.

Noble Fine Clients

How did you first discover Noble Fine Jewellery?

I’ve known Ilana for a long time and have always loved her sense of style and design, so when she launched a jewellery line, I wanted to find out more about her collections. Friends had also worked with her previously and personal recommendations are always the best to follow, and I wasn’t disappointed. I have loved her pieces ever since.

What do you like most about Noble Fine Jewellery?

Firstly, I like the designs and style and I really like that you can alter them to your taste and really personalise the pieces. And because the team are directly connected to the diamond market in Antwerp and the Zimmi Diamond mines in Africa, they are able to get the best quality diamonds at the best possible prices.

Because they cut out the middle man, we aren’t having to pay extra for glossy packaging or Fifth Avenue addresses and essentially are still getting the same diamonds since her family supply some of the big brand names.

Noble Fine Jewellery Clients
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What do you like most about working with Ilana?

Ilana works so hard to make sure she produces an item that you will love. She will really take the time to put things together or offer ideas and inspiration that mean you end up with the dream design you had in your head but never imagined would actually happen!

Ilana is also really invested even after she has delivered your piece. She is always in touch and making sure the piece is working and being enjoyed. She doesn’t take your money and run, even now years later after she made my engagement ring, she is always checking in and making sure I am still enjoying it.

NFJ is based in Antwerp and you are in the UK, how did the process work for you?

There is so much communication with Ilana over What’s App or calls, so there is always the personal touch throughout and you can trust in the whole process. She is always quick and responsive to any questions – I think her phone must be superglued to her hand! – and she even hand-delivered my engagement ring to me as she is always travelling and connecting with her clients wherever they are in the world.

How does working with NFJ differ from other big brand jewellers?

With traditional ‘High Street’ jewellers the offer is the only offer – you get what you get. But with Noble Fine Jewellery, everything you see can all be adjusted and personalised so you receive a piece of jewellery you truly love.

With Ilana there is no ‘sales’ or assumptions: everyone is welcome, whatever their budget. When you walk into some big name jewellery stores, you can be made to feel embarrassed or pressured if you don’t have the five-figures they are expecting. But with Ilana, she wants to work with you whatever your budget and she will always be upfront, honest and determined to get you the best for the best price – it is like working with a friend rather than a salesperson.

Redesign heirloom pieces

Have you recommended Noble Fine Jewellery to friends?

Absolutely! I am always asked about my jewellery and get many compliments about Ilana’s jewellery and I recommend friends to get in touch as she is always so open and trustworthy, and she will find you beautiful diamonds at the best price and adjust things to your taste and style. Diamonds are also a great investment at the moment, so many friends are asking Ilana for help in buying stones as well as jewellery.

What is your favourite NFJ jewellery?

Aside from my engagement ring, my favourite piece of jewellery is a single diamond bracelet that I received for my 40th – me and a group of school friends were all turning 40 at the same time so we all had the same bracelet made. We always wear them when we see each other and its extra special to know we all have the same bracelet.

Do you wear your NFJ jewellery more than your other pieces?

Definitely – the pieces I have made are always on the top of the list of jewellery that I wear as they are so much more meaningful and cherished then jewellery from a store – after all, I was part of the design process.

Is there anything on your wishlist?

I would love a classic diamond tennis bracelet and include the famous yellow Zimmi Diamonds that Ilana’s family are mining in Sierra Leone. It’s incredible to think that she has this link to the diamond mines in Africa and can bring those diamonds straight from the mines to us.

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Have you ever redesigned your jewellery with NFJ?

Not yet but there are some heirloom pieces that I would love reimagine into something I can wear every day – Ilana and I already have plans and I know she will do an incredible job with them.