Noble Fine Jewellery requires the users of its website to acknowledge that they are bound by its terms and conditions when using any service in it. Below is a list of those terms and conditions that are applicable for any transaction the users conduct as well as any other critical section such as privacy and return policy. Users must read them very carefully before they use the website. Using the site means that they have agreed to be subjected to any of them, and they have understood the company’s Privacy Statement section concerning their personal information.

Users should also note that the company reserves the right to do any alteration in these terms and conditions when necessary, and it expects such changes to take effect as soon as it has posted them on the website. Thus, it is the responsibility of users to read the terms and conditions at any time they want to use this website since the latest terms and conditions bind them to every time they use the website..

Placing orders and purchasing items

When you place an order through Noble Fine Jewellery or on our website, the process is only valid if it observes these terms and conditions.

All details necessary to complete your order will be set when you are placing the order. As a result, Noble Fine Jewellery will send an email acknowledging the purchase and give all details about the products you have purchased.

You cannot access the details concerning their purchase on their website. Following this, it is advisable for you to make a copy of the “Acknowledgement of purchase” email to serve as your personal records. You can also obtain the specific details of your previous transaction by contacting the company.


Shipping and Delivery – Free for items over 1000 euros and fully secured and insured

Currently, the company is only able to provide delivery service to customers in places where Malca-Amit and FedEx offer a normal delivery service.  This is a fully insured shipping service hereby making sure your jewellery is shipped securely and safely.

All items are securely packaged and fully insured while in transit to your home or office.

You will get the estimated time scale when you have placed an order. Noble Fine Jewellery has a history of making every effort to meet the expected timescale when delivering goods to its customers. However, unforeseen factors may occasionally lead to delay or even delivery failure. In such cases, Noble Fine Jewellery takes no liability and if we cannot produce your custom piece you will be reimbursed. You can collect your orders by hand, directly from Noble Fine Jewellery after representing an applicable proof of identities like an Identity Card or Passport.

Noble Fine Jewellery passes any risk of loss or damage during the product (s) delivery to the buyer.

Noble Fine Jewellery mainly relies on FedEx and MALCA-AMIT Antwerp BVBA delivery agents, for secure delivery of products to their clients all over the world. However, Noble Fine Jewellery Diamonds may nominate a different agent in special circumstances.

The delivery agents will deliver the goods to the address provided by you when placing the order. Noble Fine Jewellery assumes that a certain order is delivered when the agent delivers it to the delivery address, or, in case the agent fails to deliver the goods to your address and leave it at another address, you collect it from there.

The delivery agent will notify you to collect your order within the next five working days. If you fail to collect the order within this period, Noble Fine Jewellery will consider the delivery process as successful, and you can only do any return as per the return policy discussed later. You will sign a delivery note on collecting the order.

Noble Fine Jewellery recommends its customers to provide it with a delivery address that is not accessible by third parties. To avoid any potential doubt, the agents should not deliver goods directly to the clients. Following this, goods are deemed to be delivered when the agent transfers the order to your delivery address or when you collect it at the collection address that was given by the delivery agent, and not when delivered to you personally.


Acceptance and payment for an order

Noble Fine Jewellery will submit his client’s ID to an identity verification agent for verification prior to any consideration of your application. Therefore, Noble Fine Jewellery expects to obtain accurate information from the customers. It will also check the details with fraud protection and prevention agencies.

However, you have the legal right to confirm those details including the credit references, and their source as well as who can access them. You can contact the company on +32 497 239403 to obtain such information. In addition, you can receive a copy of these details upon applying to us writing and paying the applicable fee.

 Once Noble Fine Jewellery receives your order, it checks your debit/credit card. Goods are all made to order. Noble Fine Jewellery can then deduct the payment from the card. Noble Fine Jewellery will inform you how long the process of manufacturing and delivery will take. If the card is fraudulent

You will pay for a product the price that was reflected in the company’s website when you made the order. Although Noble Fine Jewellery does its utmost to display correct prices for goods on their website, errors at times do occur.

When you order a product with a price error, Noble Fine Jewellery will let you know as soon as possible. Noble Fine Jewellery will also give you the chance to cancel your order or reconfirm it. Noble Fine Jewellery will consider such an order as cancelled if it fails to contact you and refund you fully, in case payment was already made.

Noble Fine Jewellery allows you to make the payment online and then follow the given procedure and go through the “check out” process.

You assume the title to the goods you purchase in the website at the time of delivery provided the moment you have fully paid for them.

The prices of products as displayed on Noble Fine Jewellery’s website are exclusive of the VAT as well as delivery charges, except when expressly stated. % VAT (according to the Belgian Law) will be added to European Union (EU)-Customers (Billing and/or Shipping Addresses are within EU-Countries). Customers outside of the EU (Billing and Shipping Addresses are non EU-Countries) are free of the VAT and therefore will not be charged VAT. Check the EU respective countries for the VAT % that will be added to your country.  However, customers outside of the EU (Billing and Shipping Addresses are non EU-Countries) must expect that import duties, taxes and/or even possible luxury taxes outside the EU can be levied by the customer in the respective country. Therefore Noble Fine Jewellery assumes no responsibility or any other risks with regard to the goods, money and return, in case of non-payment of your duties and taxes.

Noble Fine Jewellery has the freedom to cancel your order and shall give back the money received from you, within 120 (Hundred and Twenty) days after the payment date to your nominated bank account.

You agree that Noble Fine Jewellery has no liability to you in any event that leads to losses, expenses, and damages by using their website.

You also agree to indemnify Noble Fine Jewellery for all costs and outgoings it incurs in completing a failed payment process.

Prohibited Activity: The purchase of jewellery using a stolen credit card is strictly prohibited. By accessing and using our website or making a purchase, you agree not to engage in any fraudulent or illegal activities, including but not limited to using stolen credit card information to purchase our products. We reserve the right to take appropriate legal action, including reporting any fraudulent activity to the relevant authorities. In the event that we determine, at our sole discretion, that a purchase has been made with a stolen credit card, we will promptly cancel the transaction and cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities in any investigation.


Warranty and Returns

Noble Fine Jewellery prides itself on not keeping any stock and makes everything to order so custom jewellery designed and manufactured to your specifications, is not subject to returning and refunding.

If our custom made jewellery does not meet your expectations, it can be returned for adjustments under certain conditions like resizing or if there is a manufacturing fault., 

In the unlikely event that the delivered goods turn out to be damaged, faulty, or different from what you ordered, Noble Fine Jewellery will request you to send them back. It will begin by investigating any illicit methods such as damage, replacement, or other caused events by third parties or the client. And then arrange for the faults to be adjusted or resized.

Noble Fine Jewellery has the responsibility to verify and authenticate all returns from you. Noble Fine Jewellery may consider the return and refund of purchased products with any element of engraving, bespoke items, designs, personalisation by or for you on a case-by-case basis. You are not allowed to return items such as earrings for health and safety reasons.  Noble Fine Jewellery also advises you not to include the name Fine Jewellery on the packaging of their returned item for security reasons since the word “jewellery” may attract burglary incidences.

You can contact us in the company to get further information when preparing a return. You can also send an email in order to ask any question concerning returns to info@noblefinejewellery.com or just contact us by phone for any further questions on this number: +32 (0)497239403..

Noble Fine Jewellery cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of return shipments or those resulting cancellation or late delivery of client’s order. Thus, you should keep all posting documentation safe.

All jewellery and ring measurements and sizes are approximate but Noble Fine Jewellery tries to make sure that the measurements and sizes are accurate. Noble Fine Jewellery advises you not to guess the ring size if you are not sure. In case you have requested for a specific ring size but it turns out to be incorrect, you will have to pay a maximum charge of EUR 200,- (TwoHundred) exclusive of VAT.  If you gave the wrong size for an eternity ring you will have to be accountable for the costs of remaking it as these are not possible to resize.

Noble Fine Jewellery offers you a warranty against defects, which provides a guarantee of a minimum of 6 months. No compensation will be made to items that were subjected to excessive wear, physical damage or abuse whether accidental or not. Insurance and protection of the items will become your sole responsibility once you accept the delivery.

If you, or any other third party, or another jewellery alter or tamper with the purchased jewellery, the return policy as well as the warranty policy will cease to apply. Thus, the item will become non-returnable and non-refundable.

Intellectual property

Noble Fine Jewellery expects you as a website user to acknowledge and agree that all intellectual property rights such as trademarks and all copyrights in all content and materials made available for you to use on our website remains vested in it at all times. You are only permitted to use any content from the Noble Fine Jewellery website when the company or its licensor expressly authorises them. The content may include but is not limited to any text, picture, video and graphics, audio and audio-visual materials. Therefore, you may not copy, distribute, reproduce, distribute, download, transmit, or display the content of this website by any means, unless for the purpose outlined below.

Noble Fine Jewellery also expects you as a user to acknowledge and agree that it has made the content and material on its website available for your personal and non-commercial use. As a result, you may download such content and material for reasons related to use of that website.

Liability and Indemnity

These terms and conditions do not limit or exclude liability to anybody for causing personal injuries or death due to fraudulent misrepresentation, and negligence, among other liabilities that may not otherwise be excluded or limited under applicable law.

Noble Fine Jewellery will apply intellectual endeavours to check the accuracy and relevance of any information displayed on our site. However, it makes no warranty or representation of any kind concerning the availability or the contents of the site, that it will be error-free or timely, or that it will correct the errors. Noble Fine Jewellery can also not guarantee that its site or the server are free of bugs, viruses, or represent full reliability, functionality, and accuracy of the website. Thus, Noble Fine Jewellery will not be liable for any loss of your materials or content that is transmitted or uploaded through our website. Noble Fine Jewellery will also not accept liability of any kind for any damage or loss resulting after you take any action that relies on the information or material provided on our website.

You can also contact our customer service whenever you have a question related to our website.


Noble Fine Jewellery reserves the right to make alterations to these terms and conditions whenever necessary. You will be subjected to any of such changes as soon as Noble Fine Jewellery posts them on the website. For this reason, you must read the terms and conditions every time you purchase from Noble Fine Jewellery. Noble Fine Jewellery assumes that those using the website have accepted to be bound by the latest terms and conditions.

Caring for your fine Jewellery

Fine Jewellery is delicate and should be cared for accordingly.  Please follow the following care instructions to keep your jewellery in optimal condition:

  • Take your Jewellery off before showering, putting on creams and perfume etc.
  • Do not wear your jewellery while engaging in strenuous activities or the gym
  • Keep your jewellery away from chemicals such as perfume, hair spray, make-up and lotion.
  • If you sleep with your jewellery be careful with the pieces, not all are meant to be worn all the time.
  • For fine necklaces clasp the necklace when removing it to ensure the chain does not tangle.

To clean your diamond jewellery, use a soft toothbrush and dish soap and leave your jewellery in boiling water for half an hour and gently scrub gold and diamonds. Do not clean pearls with any chemicals, abrasives, or solvents. Noble Fine Jewellery is not responsible for the maintenance of your jewellery and does not polish purchased jewellery.

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