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Which Gold Suits your Colouring?

From skin tone to hair and eye colour, here is our guide on how to select the best metal for you.

Whether it’s for a piece of jewellery or for your engagement ring, choosing the colour of your metal can be just as important as selecting the stones when it comes to having a piece of jewellery that complements and enhances your natural colouring.

Ranging from rose gold, through to yellow (classic) gold and white gold, there is a huge difference between the warmth of the rose and yellow golds and the cool, classic look of the white metal engagement rings.

Everyone is unique, which is why we work with every individual client to ensure they choose the colour to suit them. However if you are looking for a starting point, here is our guide to helping you find the best gold to suit you.

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The Best Gold to suit your skin tone

  • Warm, Olive or Mediterranean skin – honey, golden or peach skin tones can wear any gold colour – yellow, white or rose – as all of them will complement your colouring.

  • Fair skin – white gold looks really fresh on very pale skin (especially if you also have pale or blonde hair), while yellow gold can also really lift a pale complexion. However, if you have a pinkish tones in your colouring, it is best to keep away from rose gold as it can make you look red-faced.

  • Dark skin – for Arabic and African skin tones, any yellow gold will be standout stunning. In comparison, white golds can get a bit lost on darker skin tones – especially when it is fine jewellery – so it is best to choose warm colours. And make sure they are bright and polished gold as dull metal won’t have the same dazzling effect.

  • Asian skin – classic yellow gold and especially rose gold, are beautiful on Asian skin tones as the colour brings out your soft and delicate skin tones.

The Best Gold To Suit Your Hair Colour

Hair colour has a huge impact on the look of your gold jewellery, so it is worth noting that if you do want to change your hair colour, you may also need to refresh your jewellery and try other colours to go with your new look as pale or yellower colours may look better with your new look.

  • Blondes – you really do have more fun as anything goes with your colouring – yellow, rose and even white gold.

  • Redheads – yellow and white gold are great for you – especially white gold – however for real impact choose a rose gold to really bring out your fiery colouring.

  • Brunettes – for lighter brunettes, yellow gold is wonderful but if you are darker brown, then white gold is also stunning.
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The Best Gold to Suit Your Eye Colour

Eye colour doesn’t really have an impact on the colour of metal you choose, however it will influence the stones that you choose. For paler eyes, lighter stones such as Zimmis are beautiful and for darker eyes such as hazel or brown eyes, the darker stones such as sapphires really set them off.

For more information on choosing the right gold and for individual consultations, book an appointment with our team by getting in touch.